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My background is aviation flight operations, safety and training for a major airline. I've worked closely with Dr. Pilcher on issues of quality and safety for many years. Evergreen's awards and achievements in quality and safety are just incredible for a small community hospital and Dr. Pilcher has been one of the main drivers of these achievements. I can wholeheartedly endorse his re-election as commissioner. — John Brookman
Community Advisor & Qualtiy Committee Member
As a Community Advisor and Honorary Trustee for EvergreenHealth for 25 years, I have worked with Dr. Pilcher. I find him honorable, compassionate and dedicated. I support Dr. Pilcher for EvergreenHealth Commissioner. — Shirley Ferguson
Owner, Ben Franklin, Redmond; Community Advisor, EvergreenHealth
Chuck Pilcher is an excellent public servant and should be re-elected. — Randy Pepple
Community Member, EvergreenHealth Board Planning and Strategy Committee

I've worked with Dr. Pilcher on EvergreenHealth matters and enthusiastically endorse him for commissioner. As an experienced physician, he is thoughtful, caring, and understands both health service delivery and people's needs.

— Steve Tarr
EvergreenHealth Board Strategy & Planning Committee; WSU Institute for Senior Living; Former Chief Technology Officer, UW Medicine
I've known Chuck for 25 years, and I can't think of anyone I'd endorse more highly. — Greg Hullender, Seattle
I endorse Chuck Pilcher for Evergreen Health BOD — Ginny Johnson, Kirkland
Chuck, your commitment to the health and safety of our community throughout your career is recognized and appreciated. Your participation on the governing board of Evergreen Hospital is further evidence of your continued commitment to the good health of our community. Thank you for all you have done and we look forward to your continued participation on the board. — Dave Morgan, Bothell
I endorse the re-election of Chuck Pilcher to the Evergreen Board. Thank you for your commitment to excellence! Bea Nahon Past Co-Chair, Kirkland Alliance of Neighborhoods (this endorsement is from me personally, not the organization, my past chairmanship of KAN is noted for identification purposes only) — Bea Nahon
CPA & Past Co-Chair, Kirkland Alliance of Neighborhoods (personal endorsement)
For 33 years, I have known Chuck Pilcher as a personal friend as well as a professional. I have the highest regard for him in every walk of life. I give my full endorsement for him as a public servant. — Shirley Swanson, Redmond
Chuck has been an invaluable member of the Board and should be re-elected., His long time service in Kirkland including as head of the Emergency department at Evergreen Hospital combined with his membership on the Board make him the obvious choice for re-election to the Board. — Santos Contreras
Former Deputy Mayor, Kirkland
I have served as a colleague of Dr. Pilcher on the EvergreenHealth Board since 2016. As a retired Emergency Physician, he brings a unique perspective to the Board of Commissioners regarding patient care and clinical quality. Chuck is deeply invested in the community and is committed to maintaining Evergreen’s high-quality standards with his leadership of the Board Quality and Safety Committee. His personal traits of high integrity, energy and curiosity, along with his extensive medical background, enable Chuck to make a continually positive impact on EvergreenHealth, and by extension, the health and wellbeing of our community. Tim McLaughlin, Chair, EvergreenHealth Board of Commissioners — Tim McLaughlin
Board Chair, EvergreenHealth
I have known Dr. Chuck Pilcher for 20 years and I worked as an Emergency Physician under his leadership when he was Evergreen Emergency Department's Medical Director. I was also an Evergreen Medical Staff Leader for 4 years and served and worked beside Dr Pilcher on hospital committees while he was a Hospital Commissioner. So, I have had the opportunity to work with and observed his leadership for many years. I have always found him to be a thoughtful, hard working individual who leads with honor and integrity. As a physician, he brings important medical knowledge and perspective to the Board. I give him my highest recommendation for reelection as a commissioner. — Jack Handley MD FACEP
Emergency Physician; Past President, EvergreenHealth Medical Staff
I heartily and without reservation strongly endorse Chuck Pilcher for this position. He is a strong and solid asset to our hospital and will contribute to Evergreen's provision of quality health care to our patients and to the district. — Chuck Heffron MD
Ob-Gyn (Retired)
Wonderful friend to the community. Bright, knowledgeable, and with great values. Wholeheartedly endorse! — Michael Hunter MD
Radiation Oncologist, EvergreenHealth

My wife Sheena and I whole-heartedly support Dr. Pilcher's continued service on the Board.

— Eric Taylor MD
Radiation Oncologist, EvergreenHealth
As a Commissioner, Dr. Pilcher has been a leader in the delivery of safe, high quality, compassionate care to all members of our community. It is with great enthusiasm that I recommend him for your vote in the upcoming election! — Jeff Tomlin MD
CEO, EvergreenHealth
Dr. PIlcher has been a tireless supporter of Evergreen Hospital and the physicians, nurses and paramedics that provide care to the hospital's patients for decades. As the medical director of Evergreen's Emergency Department for years, Dr. Pilcher established a culture of respect and quality that prioritized superlative patient care. As a member of the hospital board, he has guided the establishment of cardiac, stroke and trauma care that have made Evergreen a medical center that is nationally recognized for its innovation and excellence. As an Emergency Department physician that has worked at Evergreen for over twenty years and seen many changes in the facility and the community, I cannot imagine anyone better qualified and more motivated to continue to lead Evergreen into the future. As the medical director of Redmond Medic One, an organization that is recognized worldwide for its unmatched success in cardiac arrest resuscitation, I cannot imaging someone who will continue to provide the resources and leadership that allows our pre-hospital providers to give the residents of Northeast King County world class care. Dr. Pilcher has been a member of the Evergreen family and a Kirkland resident for over forty years. He truly has the best interest of the hospital and the community it serves in his heart. No other candidate is better suited to be the leader that he has been and will continue to be. Thank you Dr. Pilcher for everything you have done for the Evergreen family. Adrian Whorton, MD, Evergreen Hospital Medical Center Emergency Department, Medical Director, Redmond Medic One — Adrian Whorton MD FACEP
Medical Director, Redmond Medic One
I have known Dr Pilcher for 25 years to be honest, patient oriented and an overall nice person. I support his continued role as an Evergreen Health Commissioner. Dana Yost, Paramedic Medic One — Dana Yost
Paramedic, NE King County Medic One, Redmond (Formerly Evergreen Medic One)

Evergreen Staff & Volunteers

James Fitzgerald -- VP & Chief Legal Officer (Ret.), EvergreenHealth
Rosemary Langford, Redmond
Manish Sheth, Community Advisor, Woodinville

Business Owners, Friends & Neighbors

Steven Beto, Kirkland
Barry Bloch, Kirkland
Jim Bourland, Kirkland
Vikki Connelly, Kirkland
John Crutcher, Kirkland
Priscilla Crutcher, Kirkland
Dennis & Deborah DeYoung, Kirkland
Bob Ferguson, Owner, Ben Franklin, Redmond
Vafa Fouroohi, Kirkland
Robin Fraser, Kirkland
Dione Godfrey, Kirkland
Thomas Grimm, Attorney, Kirkland
Maureen Kelly, Kirkland
Eugene Luskin
CEO, SyncMD, Redmond
Peter May, Medina
Trish May, Medina
Mary McArthur, Redmond
John Murphy, Attorney & Deputy Fire Chief (Ret.), Sammamish
Curt Renfrow
Jack Rogers, Kirkland
Tom Sorensen, Kirkland
Greg Von Tobel, Bothell
Tammi Walker, Kirkland
Susan Webster
Owner, Gathering Fabric, Woodinville
Molly Writer, Bothell

Elected Officials

David Edwards, Commissioner, KCPHD #2
Jon Pascal
Kirkland City Councilmember
Virgil Snyder, Commissioner, KCPHD #2

Healthcare Professionals

Warren Appleton MD JD, Emergency Physician (Ret.), EvergreenHealth
Don Briggs, Pharmacy Exec. Director, EvergreenHealth (Retired)
Meg Briggs RN, EvergreenHealth Stroke Nurse Navigator, Kenmore
Paul Buehrens MD, Family Medicine
Steve Connelly MD, Emergency Physician, Woodinville
William Driscoll RN (PACU, EvergreenHealth), Redmond
Austin Gross MD, Emergency Physician, Kenmore
Angelika Koch-Leibmann MD, Hospitalist, Kirkland
Connie Marrs RN, Senior Housing Specialst, Kenmore
Elizabeth J Minetti RN, Bothell
Marquel Morgan, Dental Hygienist, Kirkland
Marshall Partington MD, Kirkland
Cosmetic and Plastic Surgeon, EvergreenHealth
Leitha Steed, RN, Emergency Nurse (Ret.), EvergreenHealth


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